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10 Must-Read Fantasy Novels with the One Bed Trope

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Fantasy, One Bed Trope, Top 10 Guide

I’ll never forget the time I was cozied up, utterly engrossed in a romantic fantasy book, when the setup began for the one bed trope to enter. My friend who was over for one of our co-reading dates instantly recognized my reaction and called out, “one bed trope?!” without even needing an explanation. 

Moments like these remind me of the sheer delight this beloved trope brings to romance lovers like us, creating a bond that connects us to our favorite stories and each other. Combine this trope with the breathtaking fantasy world, and it can feel like magic. 

If you’re a fan of romance novels, you’re probably familiar with the delightfully enticing one bed trope. For the uninitiated, the one bed trope is a classic scenario where two characters, often with unresolved romantic tension, find themselves in a situation with unfavorable sleeping arrangements. Whether it’s a shortage of rooms at an inn, a snowstorm trapping them in a cabin, or some other intriguing predicament, they will probably need to share a single bed due to some unexpected circumstance. 

The result is a deliciously irresistible setup that heightens the intimacy and anticipation between the characters. 

This delightful trope has a special place in our hearts because it forces the love interests to confront their feelings for one another, often leading to personal growth and emotional vulnerability. The close proximity and undeniable chemistry make for a perfect recipe of tension, yearning, and eventual romance that keeps us turning the pages and rooting for our favorite couples.

So, without further ado, let me share my top ten one bed trope books for romantic fantasy books! Hopefully, like me, you’ll fall head over heels for these captivating reads that will sweep you off your feet and into a world of enchanting romance!

A Court of Mist and Fury

By Sarah J. Maas

I couldn’t resist including A Court of Mist and Fury on this list, as this series has captivated me beyond most I’ve read. I’m excited to share it with you if you still need to discover it yourself!

This enthralling sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses surpasses its predecessor by a mile, whisking you away to a world of Fae, romance, and exhilarating escapades. A Court of Mist and Fury dives deeper into the mesmerizing realm of Prythian, revealing its various courts, fascinating new characters, and a fast-paced, suspenseful plot.

Perfect for fantasy fans and a smoldering, gradual romance, this mesmerizing sequel presents an irresistible fusion of intrigue, longing, and memorable characters that will hold you captive from beginning to end. The narrative also serves up a generous helping of sizzle, amplifying the heat and chemistry between characters, rendering their connections even more captivating.

A Promise of Fire

By Amanda Bouchet

A Promise of Fire, the first book in the Kingmaker Chronicles, is a captivating fantasy romance set in a world inspired by Greek history and mythology. Cat, a powerful Kingmaker in hiding, is kidnapped by Griffin, a warlord seeking to utilize her talents for his realm. Their journey unfolds into an epic adventure filled with battles, court intrigue, and a complex, deepening relationship.

Cat’s concealed identity and her quest to escape her destiny and powerful family serve as a mesmerizing backdrop. Griffin’s ambition to transform Cat into a valuable asset for his newly conquered realm deepens their intricate relationship. As they explore their intertwined destinies, can Griffin convince his once-captive that he desires her as an equal, a companion, and maybe even, one day, his queen? This read is perfect for romance and fantasy fans, balancing intrigue, passion, and otherworldly elements.

The Winter King

By C.L. Wilson

For me, this book was a great example of not judging a book by its cover. Set in a world torn apart by betrayal and war, this enthralling fantasy romance follows Wynter, the king of Wintercraig, as he seeks retribution against the Summerlea kingdom. To achieve his goal, he chooses to marry Khamsin, the ostracized and neglected princess of Summerlea, as part of a peace treaty.

The heart of the narrative lies in the emotional journey of the central couple as they dismantle barriers, surmount misunderstandings, and cultivate a passionate bond. The Winter King skillfully intertwines high-stakes politics, enchanting magic, and a love story that leaves readers enthralled. The novel presents a meticulously crafted romance that transcends clichés, providing a thoroughly immersive and satisfying experience. It delves into the intricacies of love and trust and unravels the complex dynamics of power and allegiance.


By Susan Ee

In the gripping novel Angelfall, the world has been plunged into chaos as the angels of the apocalypse wreak havoc on humanity. Amidst this devastation, Penryn, a fiercely determined seventeen-year-old, will do whatever it takes to rescue her sister, who these warrior angels have taken. With no other choice, Penryn forges an unlikely alliance with Raffe, a fallen angel left broken and wingless. Together, they traverse the difficult landscape of a dystopian Northern California, relying solely on each other for survival.

Angelfall has memorable characters and a riveting narrative that will delight urban fantasy fans. The novel presents a unique and intricate perspective on angels, crafting a complex and thrilling world that leaves readers yearning for more. With its gritty atmosphere and relentless action, Angelfall is a great YA read for those seeking a riveting and immersive experience.

From Blood and Ash

By Jennifer L. Armentrout

In this captivating tale of forbidden love, ancient secrets, and heart-stopping adventure, Poppy, a young woman bound by sacred duty to her people, begins to question everything she’s ever known after meeting Hawke, her alluring new guard. Armentrout balances their desires with their sense of duty as their chemistry intensifies, creating a slow burn that keeps readers enthralled.

With the kingdom’s future resting on Poppy’s shoulders, her desires become entangled with her duty as a dark power threatens to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs. As the shadow of this fallen kingdom draws near, the line between what is forbidden and what is right becomes blurred. Poppy must navigate her heart and her responsibilities, even as her world unravels, risking her love and her life. This mesmerizing story of passion, duty, and sacrifice will leave readers eager for more.

The Wrath & the Dawn

By Renée Ahdieh

Inspired by the story of Scheherazade, this book tells the tale of Shahrzad, a brave young woman who volunteers to marry the king, Khalid, knowing that each of his previous brides has met a tragic end. Shahrzad’s mission is to exact revenge for her best friend’s death, but she never anticipated the complexity of her feelings towards her new husband or the secrets that lurk within the palace walls.

As Shahrzad and Khalid’s relationship deepens, their undeniable chemistry sets the pages alight, complicating Shahrzad’s initial goal of vengeance. Ahdieh masterfully balances the characters’ desires with their obligations, creating a slow-burning romance that captivates readers. As they navigate the treacherous world of palace politics and hidden enemies, Shahrzad and Khalid must confront their feelings for each other and decide what they’re willing to sacrifice for love.

The Bridge Kingdom

By Danielle L. Jensen

In this tale of political intrigue and unexpected love, Lara is a skilled and cunning spy sent by her ruthless father to marry Aren, the King of the strategic and powerful Bridge Kingdom. Her mission: to infiltrate and undermine it from within, ultimately bringing it to its knees. However, as Lara begins her life in the kingdom, she discovers that the reality is far from the stories she’s been told.

As Lara and Aren’s relationship evolves, their chemistry and growing respect for each other weave a slow-burning romance, challenging Lara’s mission. As they navigate trust and betrayal, they must confront the harsh truths of their pasts and decide where their loyalties truly lie. When the one bed trope enters this book, it is heartwarming and subtle. One where you see that their trust and care in each other is starting to grow, even if they don’t want it to.

The Queen of the Tearling

By Erika Johansen

In The Queen of the Tearling, we follow the journey of Princess Kelsea Raleigh Glynn, who embarks on a quest to reclaim her throne and confront the evil sorceress, the Red Queen. As Kelsea turns nineteen, she sets out with the Tearling sapphire—a powerful magical jewel—and the Queen’s Guard, led by Lazarus. Along the way, Kelsea uncovers startling truths and navigates a web of trust, magic, and adventure while learning to become the queen she is meant to be.

At the heart of this story is Kelsea’s transformation from a sheltered, inexperienced girl into a strong and determined ruler, unafraid to challenge the status quo and fight for her people. Amidst the captivating adventure, romance emerges, adding another layer of intrigue to the story. With its compelling cast of characters, vivid world-building, and gripping storyline, this book is an excellent read for fans of epic fantasy, adventure, and self-discovery.


By Stephanie Garber

Step into the mesmerizing world of Caraval, where magic and illusion intertwine in an exhilarating dance. The book follows Scarlett Dragna and her sister Tella, who have long dreamt of attending the legendary Caraval—a once-a-year performance where the audience becomes part of the show. When the sisters finally receive an invitation, Scarlett is plunged into a high-stakes game of mystery and deception in her quest to find her missing sister.

Navigating a labyrinth of beautiful illusions, breathtaking twists, and irresistible romance, Scarlett must discern between reality and fantasy as she uncovers her inner strength, unravels hidden truths, and risks it all for the ones she loves. Caraval is a joy to read, masterfully weaving a tale of magic, intrigue, and self-discovery, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. It is a captivating adventure that will immerse readers into a world of pure enchantment and unbridled excitement.


By Brandon Sanderson

Warbreaker is an exceptional choice for readers seeking a novel with a primary focus on adventure and intrigue while offering a romantic subplot with the engaging one bed trope. In this standalone book, we are introduced to a fascinating world where individuals possess a Breath that has the power to animate objects and even raise the dead and where some are reborn as gods following a heroic demise.

Princesses Vivenna and Siri of Idris grapple with these extraordinary concepts and are soon thrust into a dangerous political game involving the God King. As the sisters navigate the treacherous landscape of power and loyalty, their relationships with others are tested, and the slow-burn romantic subplot adds a captivating layer to the story. With its vibrant world-building, intricate plot, and engaging characters, Warbreaker will immerse readers in a tale of magic, politics, and love.