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Historical Fiction Ultimate List

by | Apr 5, 2023

Cover of Outlander


By Diana Gabaldon

When WWII nurse Claire Randall is transported back to 1743 Scotland, she’s forced to navigate a dangerous world of political intrigue and passionate Highland warriors. Torn between loyalty to her husband in the 20th century and her growing love for the fierce Jamie Fraser, Claire must find her place in this new time. Outlander weaves a spellbinding tale of love, adventure, and time travel that will leave readers breathless.

Cover of The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad

By Colson Whitehead

Discover Colson Whitehead’s gripping tale, The Underground Railroad. Follow Cora, a young slave on a Georgia plantation, as she bravely escapes via the legendary Underground Railroad. This reimagined world brings the metaphorical network to life as a literal secret train system. Embark on an unforgettable journey through the dark corners of America’s past, exploring the horrors of slavery and the relentless pursuit of freedom.

Cover of The Nightingale

The Nightingale

By Kristin Hannah

In the midst of WWII, two French sisters, Vianne and Isabelle, navigate love, loss, and resistance. As Vianne faces life-altering choices to protect her family, Isabelle joins the dangerous world of the French Resistance. The Nightingale is a poignant and powerful exploration of sisterhood, courage, and the indomitable spirit of women during the darkest hours of history.

Cover of Pachinko


By Min Jin Lee

In the captivating Pachinko, Min Jin Lee weaves a multi-generational tale of a resilient Korean family, surviving in 20th-century Japan. Facing love, loss, and prejudice, they strive for a better life while navigating their complex identities. This National Book Award finalist gracefully explores themes of family, culture, and the pursuit of happiness, in a story that is both heartrending and inspiring.

Cover of The Duke and I

The Duke and I: Bridgerton

By Julia Quinn

In The Duke and I, spirited Daphne Bridgerton and dashing Duke Simon Basset devise a scheme to deter marriage-minded suitors. Pretending to be a couple, they navigate Regency London’s treacherous society. Amid their ruse, passion ignites, and a love story unravels. As the stakes rise, they must decide whether to continue the charade or surrender to true love.

Cover of The Book Thief

The Book Thief

By Markus Zusak

In the heart of WWII, young Liesel Meminger discovers the transformative power of words. As she navigates life with her foster family, she befriends Max, a Jewish man hiding in their basement. The Book Thief explores the resilience of the human spirit, the beauty of friendship, and the impact of literature in the darkest of times. Markus Zusak’s captivating tale reminds us that even in the bleakest moments, hope can be found.

Cover of The Red Tent

The Red Tent

By Anita Diamant

In The Red Tent, Anita Diamant vividly reimagines the life of Dinah, daughter of Jacob and Leah, from the Bible’s Book of Genesis. This captivating tale gives voice to the women of the Old Testament, centering around their sisterhood, strength, and experiences within the red tent—a sacred space for feminine rituals. Dinah’s evocative journey celebrates love, resilience, and the power of women’s stories in a male-dominated world.

Cover of The Help

The Help

By Kathryn Stockett

In the heart of 1960s Mississippi, three women unite against racial boundaries. Aibileen, a wise Black maid, Minny, her quick-witted best friend, and Skeeter, a young white woman, join forces to expose the harsh realities of African American maids working for white families. The Help is a powerful tale of resilience, sisterhood, and courage, as these women risk everything to challenge the status quo and empower their community.

Cover of The Alice Network

The Alice Network

By Kate Quinn

In Kate Quinn’s gripping novel, The Alice Network, two women’s lives intertwine after World War II. Charlie St. Clair, a pregnant American socialite, searches for her missing cousin, and Eve Gardiner, a former WWI spy, seeks redemption. Together, they navigate a world marked by war’s devastation, uncovering secrets, betrayals, and the resilience of female friendship. This captivating story highlights the power of sisterhood and the courage of unsung heroines.

Cover of Daisy Jones & the Six

Daisy Jones & the Six

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

In the whirlwind of 1970s rock ‘n’ roll, Daisy Jones & The Six skyrocket to fame, their electrifying music capturing the hearts of millions. But the magnetic Daisy Jones and the band’s enigmatic frontman, Billy Dunne, grapple with demons that threaten their success. Told through candid interviews, this spellbinding novel unravels the tumultuous relationships, soaring highs, and crushing lows that made them legends. A riveting story of love, ambition, and the power of music.