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Book Review: Get a Life, Chloe Brown

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Book Reviews, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4/5 stars
Age Rating: New Adult
Spice Level: 2/3 chili pepper rating

As a fan of powerful female characters, representation, and stories that offer unique perspectives, I was immediately drawn to Talia Hibbert’s “Get a Life, Chloe Brown”. It’s a novel that seamlessly checks all these boxes and more. From the moment I cracked open the first page, I found myself swept up in Hibbert’s authentic world, filled with romance, humor, and an honest portrayal of a chronic illness that isn’t often given the spotlight.

If playful banter, deep emotional connections, and a truthful depiction of life with a chronic illness speak to you, this book is a must-read!

Tropes in this Book

  • Enemies to lovers
  • Next door neighbor
  • Slow burn

Get A Life Chloe Brown Summary

Get a Life Chloe Brown is a touching modern romance that introduces us to Chloe Brown, a computer whiz grappling with chronic illness. Alongside Chloe, we meet Redford ‘Red’ Morgan, a handyman with a hidden passion for art. After a near-death experience, Chloe is determined to take control of her life, creating a seven-point plan to help her embrace adventure and excitement.

To execute her daring plan, she seeks the help of Red, who embodies the wild experiences Chloe craves. Red, recovering from an abusive relationship and a blow to his artistic career, is drawn to Chloe’s determination and uniqueness, despite their vastly different backgrounds.

Together, they embark on a series of thrilling escapades, each one bringing them closer and revealing layers of their complex personalities.

My Review

In Get a Life Chloe Brown, we dive into a richly drawn world of romance, individual struggles, and the nuances of human nature. It offers a narrative that leaves readers contemplating, empathizing, and rooting for the main characters who have given up on love. Hibbert’s deft touch weaves in humor with reality, a potent mix that simultaneously captures the heart and sparks the mind.

The real gems in this book are the characters. Chloe Brown, the main character, is not your usual romance novel hero — she’s a woman living with a chronic illness, fibromyalgia. Still, she’s also determined to live her life to the fullest, with no apologies needed. 

Redford Morgan, on the other hand, is a handsome artist with a troubled past. They are both characters with depth and complexities, and their interactions are as humorous as they are heartrending. Their dance of attraction is exquisitely depicted, with Hibbert skillfully presenting the slowly budding romance amidst their shared doubts and fears.

Their sparks fly right off the page. Hibbert masterfully crafts this slow-burning romance, interwoven with their shared vulnerabilities and fears. But what I love most about their journey is the exploration of love beyond the initial thrill. It delves into the bravery it takes to open up, to trust someone with your wounds and scars. 

Through Chloe and Red’s story, Hibbert tells us that love and growth can surprise us when we least expect them. But there’s more to this story than just love. It gives us an authentic peek into the lives of those with chronic illnesses. Hibbert doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges they face, the physical and emotional toll. But she also celebrates the grit and resilience of these warriors. This perspective is rare in romance novels and refreshing to see.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown doesn’t lose its sense of fun. It bubbles with humor from the first page to the last, making it a total joy to read. If you’re a fan of sharp, modern, and heart-tugging romance, this is a book you can’t miss. Prepare for a delightful ride!