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Book Review: Legends and Lattes

by | May 15, 2023 | Book Reviews, Cozy Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

Rating: 4/5 stars
Age Rating: 13+

There’s something simply irresistible about the fusion of fantasy and our everyday routines, especially when that routine revolves around the comforting aroma and taste of coffee. In Legends and Lattes, author Travis Baldree has masterfully brewed a novel that marries these two elements. It’s a delightful concoction that’s sure to enthrall avid readers and coffee enthusiasts alike.

What makes this book stand out is the warmth and coziness that permeates its pages, a feature that’s earned it a place in the ever-growing genre of cozy fantasy. Cozy fantasies are known for their low-stakes plotlines and comforting settings, and this book serves this blend with a unique twist: a magical coffeehouse.

Given the charming setting, memorable characters, and unique blend of fantasy and low-stakes, I recommend this book for those looking for a refreshing and cozy reading experience. As we embark on this review, I invite you to get comfy, perhaps with your favorite cup of coffee in hand, and join me as we delve into the charm of this book.


Legends and Lattes is a heartwarming, low-stakes fantasy novel that focuses on Viv, a battle-weary orc who decides to trade her sword for a life of peace. Tired of her violent past and yearning for a fresh start, she dreams of opening a coffee shop and endeavors to open the first-ever shop in the city of Thune. However, her dream encounters numerous challenges, primarily due to the city’s unfamiliarity with coffee, her lack of business experience, and adversaries from her past and present who aim to sabotage her vision.

As Viv navigates the complexities of entrepreneurship, she forms an unlikely family with a quirky ensemble of characters. These individuals, each with their unique talents and backgrounds, become instrumental in bringing her dream to life.

Despite the numerous hurdles Viv encounters, Legends and Lattes maintains a relaxed, cozy atmosphere that offers readers a reprieve from high-stakes adventures. The novel explores self-reinvention, community building, acceptance, and the pursuit of one’s passion despite societal expectations. Viv’s story exemplifies the possibility of starting anew, even in the face of skepticism and the power of an unlikely support system.

Legends and Lattes Characters

The coffee shop serves as a haven where the characters can create comfortable lives for themselves. As they build their dynamics, they also help turn the coffee shop into a community hub. The characters are so well-drawn and realistic that it’s easy to get attached to them quickly.

Viv, the battle-weary orc, is a standout. She’s a former sword for hire with a no-nonsense attitude, a big heart, and occasionally awkward social skills. Despite her intimidating frame, she’s passionate about her new life and determined to make her dream come true. In her journey, she not only creates a thriving business but also significantly impacts her community.

Then she makes new allies along the way. Cal, a hob carpenter; Tandri, a succubus who manages the shop; Thimble, a rattkin baker; and Pendry, a shy bard, and her shop pet, Amity the dire-cat– all of them come together with unique offerings that make the cafe exactly what it needs to be. They are not just part of the story but also form a found family.

Final Thoughts

The town of Thune and the coffeehouse provide a cozy slice-of-life fantasy escape. You sit back and relax as Viv creates a coffee shop that resembles our own, only within a fantasy world. Even though the main character, Viv, faces challenges, the story stays light. It might not be for those who love high fantasy stories. Still, it’s perfect for readers who enjoy stories about personal growth and diverse characters in a calm setting. It’s a warm book that celebrates the simple joys in life, like a good cup of coffee.

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